Text: Fraser Simpson

Attention all hard-core MMA fans! After a long and strenuous two year break, UFC Undisputed is back, and is promising to be one of the most entertaining games of the year. The third instalment of the globally successful fighting franchise is packed full of exciting new features and game modes which will keep your hands practically glued to your controller.


What’s new about UFC 3?


Well to start, this edition of Undisputed is filled with both professional fighters, and legends of the sport. There are also two new weight classes added to the roster to give more choice to the gamers; Bantamweight and Featherweight. More notably, UFC’s sister sport, Pride is added to the MMA hit. For those who are oblivious to Pride, it’s a melting pot of all the top fighters from different combative sports: Wrestling, Karate, Judo, Kickboxing, and others – all fighting in one ring under the same rules – so it’s basically UFC, but a little more ferocious. With Pride mode, you are allowed to head stomp the opponent into submission – pretty cool isn’t it?


Fans of the Undisputed franchise would recognise some of the more popular game modes, such as Title Mode and Title Defence. The THQ title also includes Ultimate Fights mode, which allow s the player to relive the fights which make UFC so popular.


For those who are totally new to both Undisputed and UFC itself, the game is littered with clips of actual UFC fights which give novices’ a better insight into how the game is realistically played and a look at some of the fighters and their techniques. You will find most of the videos in the title mode and tutorials, which add to the game’s entertainment level. As well as this, beginners are allowed to choose much simpler controls, in order for you to work your way through the levels.


The graphics in UFC: Undisputed 3 are phenomenal. You can tell that THQ have been hard at work over the last two years developing the game to make it as realistic as possible, giving the gamer the ultimate fighting experience. The character’s such as Jon Jones, Anderson Silva and Junior Dos Santos look incredibly lifelike in every sense, from their complex fighting positions, all the way down to the crimson blood pouring down their heads. However, when you are creating your own fighter to compete in matches, there is a distinct lack of originality, so it’s more than likely that your personal character won’t look like yourself.


One of the highlights in Undisputed is the submissions, which is one of the more enjoyable aspects of the game. In order to win the fight through a submission, you have to line up the new submission gauge, which is shaped like an octagon, in order to finally beat your opponent. 


If you are looking for a game that is action packed, fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable throughout, whether you are playing career mode or against a friend, The Cut highly recommends UFC: Undisputed 3. If you’re not yet a fan of UFC, take the plunge in this MMA and you will soon be hooked.


UFC: Undisputed 3 – is out now