Name Ries-William Lamont

 Website/blog website My blog's slogan is simple, 'From stickmen to mini-masterpieces'. I wanted to open up my sketchbook to the world as I developed my illustration skills, over the course of 2012. One of the great things about 366sketches is that it forces me to keep illustrating no matter what. So often life gets in the way of art and you end up making excuses. Next thing you know, years fly by and your skills have become as blunt as an overused HB pencil. In this way 366sketches is one giant sharpener for my skills and hopefully an entertaining insight for my visitors, followers and fellow bloggers.    
Client of your dreams
Me. I've worked in design and advertising industry for years and spent some time running my own independent agency. The truth is there's no greater satisfaction, artistically, than creating work where you get to call the shots. When working for someone else, you have to meet their brief, play by their rules and are bound by the constraints of their budget. For me, art isn't about producing pretty pictures. It provides me with the freedom to create worlds and populate them with characters of my choosing.
Top 5 Illustration/ inspirational blogs366sketches of course- From stickmen to mini-masterpieces <> 21 Mind-Blowing Hyperreal Paintings <> DeviantArt - The Journal Portal <> Vigilant Citizen - Symbolic Pics of the Month <> Kermode Uncut - Film blog <> 

Favorite Computer Program or illustration tool of choice? It's a cliche, I know, but it has to be Photoshop. It's simply the best 2D illustration package on the market and has revolutionised digital art. In my opinon, the two features that are the most useful are layers and blending modes, the results that can be achieved are unbelievable. As for my top illustration tool, it has to be the Intuso5 WACOM graphic tablet. It has helped me make a quantum leap in my illustration style and opened the door to a new world of visual possibilities.   
In 5 years time... I would like to have created a series of digital comics for tablets and other mobile devices. Ideally the comics would have been a worldwide success. I would also be working on a number of adaptations for each title; mobile games, graphic novels, motion comics, merchandise, animations and of course a live action version of the most popular titles... Think big.